Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Used A Green Screen At Today’s Low Turnout Rally


When you watch this video of Crooked Hillary’s speech from yesterday here in Florida, you will see some amazing things. First, you will see a background section that is in 2-D and not 3-D, like a projected image on a wall would look. Secondly, you see when anyone steps in front of that background, there appears a darkened halo around them. Why would that be? Well, that happens in what we call green screen technology, and in this case, poorly done green screen.

Start watching at the 1:03:00 mark to see where Crooked Hillary starts speaking:

Another salient clue that she used a green screen is that when she turns around to wave to these people, they are mere feet away and yet she shakes hands with none of them. Why, because they weren’t there. Liberal news rag CNN is infamous for pretending to be in a location but in reality it’s nothing more than green screen. CNN did it here, here, and also here.


Look in the viewfinder of the video camera filming Crooked Hillary – it’s black behind her yet in the official video it’s filled with people. Hmm…awake yet, America?


Lastly, if you look close at the end of the video, you will see the real people behind her with cameras, but then the main group of people behind them are flattened out in 2-D because they are not actually there.



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