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Abbas mourns Peres on anniversary of the Palestinian teen’s murder


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attended former Israeli leader Shimon Peres’ funeral today on the 16th anniversary of the murder of Palestinian child Muhammad Al-Durrah during the Second Intifada.

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Yahoo says data stolen from 1 billion accounts

Just when you think Yahoo’s security issues can’t get any worse, the company proves you wrong.

Yahoo(YHOO, Tech30) disclosed a new security breach on Wednesday that may have affected more than one billion accounts. The breach dates back to 2013 and is thought to be separate from a massive cybersecurity incident announced in September.

Yahoo now believes an “unauthorized third party” stole user data from more than one billion accounts in August 2013. That data may have included names, email addresses and passwords, but not financial information.

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Michael Flynn quietly deletes fake news tweet about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in sex crimes

Incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has quietly deleted a tweet with a link to a fake news story about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in sex crimes with minors.

In the since-deleted tweet from Nov. 2, Flynn linked to a story on that falsely claimed the FBI investigation into Anthony Weiner had turned up evidence “to put Hillary (Clinton) and her crew away for life.”
“U decide – NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes w Children, etc…MUST READ!” Flynn’s tweet read.161214114218-kfile-flynn-deleted-tweet-exlarge-169-748x420
The tweet received renewed scrutiny in recent weeks after a different fake news story about Clinton’s connection to a underage sex ring at a DC pizzeria led a man to show up at the restaurant with a gun. Flynn’s son, also named Michael Flynn, was dismissed from Donald Trump’s transition team after peddling the pizzeria conspiracy on his Twitter account.
The deleted tweet can still be viewed on the Internet archive.

Court Rules CNN Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Can Proceed

Former CNN producer Stanley Wilson’s racial discrimination lawsuit against CNN may proceed after a California appellate court reversed a lower court’s ruling on Tuesday.jeff-zucker-cnn-getty-640x480

The 51-year-old Wilson, who is black, originally filed suit against CNN in 2014, alleging that the company discriminated against him on the basis of race over his 17-year-career at the network. As Deadline reported at the time, the longtime producer was promoted just once, in 2003, despite applying for a dozen job openings.

Wilson was fired in January 2014 after the network accused him of plagiarism; according to the $5 million lawsuit, the real reason for his termination was discrimination, and Wilson further claimed he was unable to find a job at another network after CNN allegedly published false and defamatory statements about him.

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Student arrested after bringing weapons into Trump Tower


A self-proclaimed “survivalist’’ was busted inside Trump Tower with a bag full of weapons and fireworks — and told officials he had breached security there at least once since the election, police sources said Tuesday.

Authorities “believe his story,’’ a law-enforcement source said.

Alexander Wang, a 19-year-old Baruch College student, was arrested Monday around 6:35 p.m. after strolling into the heavily guarded high-rise at 721 Fifth Ave. — the Manhattan home base of President-elect Donald Trump, sources said.

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Hillary’s revenge starts Dec. 15th


“The Clintons are like herpes,” actor Tim Allen said last month, “Just when you think they’re gone, they show up again.”

As if on cue, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has come back to life with a new plan to continue her family’s political dynasty – and she’s anointing her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, as our country’s next leader.

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If Democrats nominated The Devil, the media would worship him


Journalism, or at least what we think journalism should be, is officially dead.  The pro-Democrat Party bias in the so-called “mainstream media,” or as we call it, the “Democrat-media complex,” is so bad that operatives — formerly known as “reporters” — would probably worship Satan himself if Democrats nominated him to the White House, all the while attacking opponents as racist bigots.

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