Black Lives Matter Bans White People From Attending ‘Open Meeting’ Event


By Lukas Mikelionis | 6:39 am, April 4, 2017

A Black Lives Matter chapter in Philadelphia has banned white people from attending an event, claiming it’s a “black only space.”

According to the “April Open Meeting” event page on Facebook, the gathering, scheduled for April 15, is aimed at discussing future initiatives and projects of the movement in which only black people are allowed to participate. “Please note that BLM Philly is a Black only space,” claims the event description.

Some people supporting the movement but who happen to not be black have requested an explanation from the group. “Is it just your meetings that are black only spaces? or are all activities this way? I want to support but don’t want to overstep,” tweeted Esther Greenwood.

“Our meetings are black centered,” replied official Black Lives Matter Philly account.






Three years after BLM launched a nationwide uprising against police violence, what’s next for the movement? In this special section, a leading African American historian explores how the group is forging a powerful new form of civil rights activism. Plus: How police in 1970s Detroit unleashed an undercover execution squad, and the modern-day rise of “warrior policing.”

Even in the splintered and often fractious world of social justice movements, Black Lives Matter doesn’t fit easily into existing categories. Few grassroots uprisings have done as much, in such a short period of time, to focus attention on long-neglected issues of racial justice, gender, and economic inequality. Yet so far, BLM has not followed up on its initial victories by building the kind of lasting, hierarchical organizations that grew out of the civil rights movement; nor has it dedicated itself to a single, easily identifiable goal, like enacting the Voting Rights Act. How are we to make sense of organizers who themselves remain so loosely organized? And if Black Lives Matter isn’t devoting itself primarily to bringing about substantive legal and legislative change, then how can it hope to transform its resistance into lasting and meaningful gains in human rights?

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Official Black Lives Matter Memphis launching drive to get moms out of jail for Mother’s Day

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Official Black Lives Matter Memphis launched a new effort to pay bail for black moms in jail by Mother’s Day.

Shay Jones is a member who also knows what it’s like to be a mom behind bars.

“At the time my child was four years old. She had to deal with her mom. I had to go to court five or six times,” she said.

Ten years later she’s part of the new campaign to help other moms in a similar situation, who might not have the same resources she had.

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FIGHT AGAINST RACISM What is Black Lives Matter, what is the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad fiasco and how is it connected to Trayvon Martin’s murder?

Over the past three years, a powerful hashtag and movement has grown up to demonstrate against police killings of black people

PEPSI has been blasted for an advert featuring Kendall Jenner which appears to use an iconic scene from a human rights demo – but what is Black Lives Matter?

The telly ad sees the 21-year-old model use a can of Pepsi to stop a stand-off between cops and a multi-racial group of protesters – bearing resemblance to a protest.


The footage of Kendall echoed the poignant image of Ieshia Evans serenely standing up to armed police in Baton Rouge

Malik Jones’ father leads Black Lives Matter discussion 20 years after son’s fatal shooting


NEW HAVEN >> Before arriving at the Yale Divinity School to lead a discussion on race Thursday evening, Jimmy Jones couldn’t help but think about the son he buried 20 years ago.

“There is no pain like the pain of burying your children,” Jones said, referring to his son, Malik Jones. “My heart still aches.”

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Enough with the Black Lives Matter Nonsense





Okay, so I am in Georgia with the Conservative Campaign Committee team working to defeat far-left-radical Democrat Jon Ossoff in the special election for the GOP congressional seat. Our CCC team was standing on a street corner waving “Defeat Ossoff” signs.

A black woman pedestrian approached one of our team members to say she likes Ossoff because he believes Black Lives Matter. She asked our white team member if he supports Black Lives Matter. Our guy politely replied that he believes all lives matter. The woman seemed okay with his response.

Stupid divisive narrative continues to grow; watered, fertilized and nurtured by Democrats and the fake news media

But folks, I have got to tell you, her questioning my patriot brother annoyed me. It is absurd to be running around in 2017 America polling about whether or not black lives matter. For crying out loud, a black guy ran our country for the past 8 years. Oprah is worth over a billion dollars and so on.

It is absurd to say Americans do not cherish blacks lives. And yet, this stupid divisive narrative continues to grow; watered, fertilized and nurtured by Democrats and the fake news media. Disgusting!

I am a black guy. But I hate the Left relentlessly slandering and beating up on my fellow Americans who are white. Beginning in kindergarten, poor white kids are being taught in government schools to hate themselves for being born white.

Folks, that is just plain nuts. When will parents begin saying no to these Government Leftist Indoctrination Camps disguised as public schools? Can you say “homeschooling” boys and girls?

The Black Lives Matter organization is a bunch of lawless, evil, racist and hate-generating scum

The Black Lives Matter organization is a bunch of lawless, evil, racist and hate-generating scum, extremely bad for America. They must be defeated rather than pandered to Mr Ossoff.

Remember the kids song from Sunday School, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight.”? In other words, God says all lives matter. I say, “Amen!”

Lloyd Marcus — Bio and Archives | Click to view 4 CommentsLloyd Marcus is the songwriter and vocalist of the American Tea Party Anthem. He currently serves as president of NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color).